No parking enforcement seen at Mission 'hit & run' school

Just days after a hit and run accident involving a student, Castro Elementary School parents appeared to adhere to the no parking rules on the streets that surround the campus.

"Lots of students would just walk by and then they would get in the vehicles and take off from there," Maribel Lopez, school parent said. "Now they're not letting them... They need to go all the way to the front in order to pick up the kids."

The change is in response to the second child to be hit by a car this school year.

Maribel Lopez said it's an image she'll never forget.

"I was one of the witnesses... I was in shock... I started crying... She [daughter] started crying... I was terrified because it could have been my kid," Lopez explained.

Mission police arrested Jaime Gonzalez for Tuesday's alleged hit and run.

The injured 6-year-old reportedly darted out into the street towards his mother, away from the crossing guards.

"They are there for a reason," Craig Verley, Mission C.I.S.D. spokesperson said.

A letter went home to parents at the school this week to address the problem with parents and students ignoring safety measures in place.

Parents said they noticed additional school personnel on watch after school.

Cones served as a reminder for drivers not to park on the sides of the street as also indicated by signs.

Mission police say they're in place because vehicles create blind spots on the road for a small child who enters the street.

Verley said cooperation from parents has made an impact.

"Not so many people parking across the street and causing that additional congestion has made a huge difference," he said.

Extra police patrol has helped too, one parent said.

But some fear it will only be a matter of time before drivers resort back to their old ways and another child gets hurt.

The latest child to be injured has since returned to class.

Mission police are working with school district officials to figure out what additional safety measures can be taken in the future.

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