No sidewalks or crosswalks near a Harlingen school

Memorial Middle School opened just this school year, kids walking to school, have to walk on the street or through neighborhood lawns just to get to school.

Gloria Saldivar said "It just takes one fatality, one incident, hopefully not have that happen when it could be avoided."

It TMs an issue of safety says Saldivar.

Every morning she drops her daughter off, she sees kids in streets not aware of their surroundings.

She says she doesn't want a tragedy to happen before action takes place.

Her concern is that there are a lot of distracted drivers, especially with high school students taking that route.

Saldivar said "We find that the children in the morning, have no way of crossing over Rio Hondo Road, which is a very busy bumper to bumper road."

Action 4 spoke to Oscar Tapia, Assistant Superintendant for Harlingen Independent School District he said, they've been in talks with the city to construct sidewalks, they TMre partnering with the city of Harlingen to start the construction. According to Tapia, sidewalks will be built, but the city was tied up with other projects.

Saldivar said "We opened up a brand new school, we realize there are no sidewalks there, we have to wait for the city to budget funds or we can enter the project, where we TMre willing to help out to accelerate the construction of sidewalks"

The way it works is the school district buys all the materials and the city provides the manpower. Tapia said, there are shoulders in place and asks for patience from parents. Tapia said project termination date should be around Christmas time.

An estimated $40,000 was set aside for the project.

Javier Zamora City Engineer said they TMve already started the project, they stopped a project on Lincoln Street to make the project on Rio Hondo Road a priority.