No uniforms for Edinburg CISD students

Many parents spent about two hours under the blazing sun with receipts in hand on Sunday waiting and hoping to get some answers from Edinburg business All Purpose Embroidery.

Their children attend the Edinburg school district and said they have not yet received their children's uniforms which some ordered weeks, if not months ago.

Some said that because of this, their children will not be ready to follow the uniform dress code enforced by the school district as another school year begins tomorrow.

Cinnamon Garcia TMs child attends Lincoln Elementary School. She said the dress code is, polo shirts with khaki pants, navy blue pants or shorts for the boys - they're regular polo shirts, but they are all embroidered, they have the school logo."

The parents said it was the district that referred them to the embroidery business on Closner Road.

For the price of about $50, parents were able to order four polo-style shirts with the school logo and one school spirit tee-shirt.

Some parents said they were promised they would have their children's uniforms by August 20 - just in time for the start of the school year.

But now that many have been left to figure out another wardrobe plan and no one to give any explanation on when they can expect the uniforms, parents are upset.

"It's hot out here and there's no answer, Garcia said. I mean you can see there's a lot of people behind me and (the business) has like 10 people inside, but (they) won't open the door to let us know, ~hey, it's going to be this long, or this school I don't have your shirts- he's not coming out and not giving any kind of explanation."

Most parents said they don't blame the school district, but Janette Flores, parent of a student at Robert E. Lee Elementary School, said she hopes the district will be more selective the next time they refer parents to businesses.

"To the school district, think twice before you send your kids parents out here, Flores said. See the businesses before you actually send (parents) out."

Action 4 News tried to speak to the owner to get some answers, but the requests were ignored.

Edinburg CISD Issues Statement

Edinburg Consolidated ISD campuses participating in the school uniform initiative provide information to parents (at the time of registration) describing in detail the uniform required for that particular school, i.e., the school colors and a list of vendors and retail businesses that sell uniforms.

Parents have the option of choosing from whom to purchase their child TMs uniform.

Edinburg CISD is not a vendor of school uniforms, has no contract with any vendor or retail business, and does not profit from the sale of school uniforms to parents.

Any parent who purchased a school uniform package from any vendor/business has to deal directly with that vendor or retail business to find a remedy to any problem.

As per board policy, all children in Edinburg CISD are being allowed to attend school regardless of whether or not they have the approved school uniform for their respective campus.