Non-profits struggling for donations in Hidalgo County

The last year has taken a toll on non-profits as they try and do more with less.

Back in June the Salvation Army had to cancel its all important lunch program because they could no longer afford it.

"When we stopped our lunch program it was hard for us---especially with us trying to live up to the motto 'Doing the Most Good,' Resource Director Juan Gomez explained. It was also difficult for those hundreds of people who showed up at our door for the lunch program."

Luckily, they did get some help and were able to put that program back in place---but now the army is dealing with another issue---providing services to even more people than in the past.

"We do have some organizations that are shutting down or calming down with their services and we're having to it pick's difficult to do that without funding," Gomez said.

Gomez told Action 4 News as long as donations keep rolling in they should be fine.

For more information on how to help the Salvation Army continue ~Doing the Most Good TM call them at 682-1468.