Not always love in February as domestic violence calls rise

Love is in the air as Valentine's Day nears, but unfortunately Brownsville Police said they see an increase in domestic violence calls during the month of February.

Claudia Cerda from the Friendship of Women said couples don't always see things through rose-colored glasses.

Last February advocates at the center handled 144 cases of domestic violence.

"Someone who loves you isn't going to abuse you physically, emotionally or verbally - they're not going to put you down," Cerda said.

"A lot of the times jealousy, it can be a big issue|(and) also the economy nowadays, (from) the stress of losing a job or not having money."

The Texas Council on Family Violence reports that in 2010 the month of February soared above all other months in domestic violence cases against women that ended in death.

They report there were a total of 25 "femicides."

"Domestic violence is all about power and control and a lot of the times the offender is insecure," Cerda said.

One of the most notable February "femicides" in Cameron County happened in 2008 - with the murder of Brenda Lee Nunez.

The high school student died at the hands of an ex-boyfriend, who had become obsessed with her after their break-up.

He was convicted of her death.

"That's when the stalking began and wanting to be in every place that she was (at), Cerda said, and unfortunately it ended in this tragedy."

The TCFV also reports that the women that died at the hands of a partner or estranged partner in 2010, ranged from 17 years to 78 years of age.