Not enough ambulances in Brownsville?

Licensed LVN Humberto Gonzalez tells Action 4 News he feels the City of Brownsville does not have enough ambulances to service the population.

Gonzalez even created a slide show on YouTube to expose the issue. "I just want there to be awareness", said Gonzalez.

"This is absolutely critical to anyone to everyone that visits, lives or conducts business in Brownsville", Gonzalez goes on to say.

The city of Brownsville responds to both emergency and non emergency calls.

Gonzalez feels patients should have the right to choose, and given the option, those non emergency calls could be handled by a private ambulance company.

Gonzales says in his experience his client has had to miss a critical doctor's appointment because there was not a city ambulance available to transport the patient to receive medical treatment.

"They'll have to reschedule appointments that they've had to wait months for because the doctor only comes in out of town. They don't communicate with me and tell me they're not going to come I just have to wait and find out three hours later they're not coming", said Gonzalez.

City Commissioner Edward Camarillo was a focus of Gonzalez's YouTube video.

The commissioner tells Action 4 News this is not a new issue.

"We could use additional ambulances there is not doubt about that I believe once we get into this next administration the focus will be sustainability but it will also be growth", said Camarrillo.

Commissioner Camarillo says as for now the city has not been inclined to change its policy and invite private ambulance services to operate in Brownsville.

"Many privatized companies you just don't know you don't know if they'll be there the next day or the month or a year later, since the city is taking care of it the city is fostering the development of that organization", said Camarillo.

As for Gonzalez he hopes the city takes a closer look into the current EMS service.