Not returning dropped $100 dollar bill lands man behind bars

Ernesto Zapata // Harlingen Police Department Photo

A Harlingen man is behind bars after he allegedly found a $100 dollar bill and refused to return it to the person who dropped it.

Harlingen police charged 51-year-old Ernesto Zapata with Class B misdemeanor theft on Thursday.

Investigators told Action 4 News that the charge stems from an incident happened back on June 29th.

Police said a man was at a pawn shop off the 800 block of North 77 Sunshine Strip when he dropped a $100 dollar bill inside the store.

Zapata allegedly picked it up and kept the cash.

When the man confronted him about it, Zapata allegedly admitted to picking it up but refused to give it back.

Zapata left the pawn shop in a gold passenger car but police were able to identify him and secure a warrant for his arrest.

The Harlingen man surrendered on Thursday and was given a $750 dollar bond.