Nothing 'Different' at Valley Airports

The terrorist plot uncovered Saturday put officials at the Transportation Security Administration at nationwide airports on high alert.

However, passengers here in the Valley say they did not notice anything different.

"Not a single thing was different," Zachary Persson said.

He is visiting family members in McAllen and said the only thing he noticed was a little more efficiency in getting passengers through security.

Other passengers echoed his words, saying they didn't notice any changes, but across the country and the Valley, TSA said they were taking necessary safety precautions.

They also ask passengers to do the same.

In a written statement on their website TSA urges passengers to "remain observant and aware of their surroundings and to "report any suspicious behavior or activity to law enforcement officials.

They also encourage passengers to arrive early to flights to deal with any additional screening measures.

But passengers boarding international flights should give themselves at least an hour they said.