Nurse who dedicated life to helping others finds herself in dire need

Melinda Orozco leads the Pay it 4Ward crew through a maze of moving boxes inside her friend's Harlingen home.

It's a devastating reality for a long-time nurse living here who continues to remain positive despite her ailing health, inability to work and impending foreclosure.

We meet Kandy Kreuger in the bedroom where she receives care.

"Kandy?" Melinda says after peeking her head into the room. "I have a surprise for you."

"What surprise?" Kandy asks with a shocked look on her face.

Action 4's Ryan Wolf, his cameraman and Ricardo Filizola, a representative with GEF Financial Agency, walk in next.

"Oh my god," Kandy says. "What? What is this? Hello there."

Melinda leans next to her friend's bed and holds her hand.

"We're here because you've been such a special person and helped so many people in your life as a nurse with your patients," she said to Kandy. "You've done much more than you had to do. You've helped everyone. And now I think it's time for some of us to help you. That's why I want to Pay it 4Ward."

Tears quickly turn into hugs.

Judging by the embrace, Kandy's pain and sorrow have been pushed aside, even if just in this moment.

Her surprise from GEF Financial Agency comes next.

"You have selflessly given so much to so many people," Ricardo said as a Pay it 4Ward partner. "Your friend tells me on Thanksgiving that you were running back and forth to make plates to give to people who didn't have any food on Thanksgiving. So on behalf of GEF Financial and Action 4 News, I'd like to Pay it 4Ward.

"What are you feeling right now?" Ryan asked.

"Overwhelmed!" Kandy said while crying. "I don't know. Pinch me. Is this real?"

Good news isn't something Kandy has heard lately, as she explains.

"My whole life has changed," she said. "I've been real sick. I've had to have several surgeries. I lost my job. And now I lost my house. They foreclosed my house. I've lost everything. But it's for a reason. I don't know why."

Kandy says she may not have good health or a home but nothing will break her spirit.

"Never give up," she said. "Keep your faith in God. Be grateful."

And try to give back, she says.

It's a powerful way to--"Pay it 4Ward."

A bank account has been set up for anyone who would like to take action and help Kandy.

Donations can be made at any Wells Fargo branch across the Rio Grande Valley.

The bank account name is: Melinda Orozco in c/o Kandy Krueger.

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