Obama says he didn't watch the RNC

President Barack Obama says Republicans did not speak about a plan during the RNC.

President Barack Obama says Republicans failed to provide a clear plan or agenda during last week's Republican National Convention.

The President even acknowleged he did not watch the GOP's National Convention which was hosted in Tampa.

"I have to tell you that I didn't watch the convention last week but I read about it and heard their accounts," President Obama told our sister station KTVO on Saturday. " It is pretty consistent with what they have been saying throughout their campaign."

The President said Republicans are blaming his administration on the state of the economy. He also said Republicans offer no clear plan to fix it.

"They (Republicans) point out that the economy isn TMt doing as well as it should but that isn TMt news to anyone," he said. "They then say it is all Obama TMs fault and try and get creative with their facts to try and make their case."

It was during Mitt Romney's presidential nomination acceptance speech at the RNC that he announced he wanted to add 12 million jobs around America in the next four years.

"But what they didn TMt say is what their plans are to make our country better, strengthen our middle class, how are they going to make communities all across Iowa a little easier for folks to get a job, send their kids to college, and succeed," President Obama continued in the interview.

President Obama said his plan during this week's Democratic National Convention is to focus on the agenda at hand.

"Our college tuition is affordable for our young people," he said. "And I think what people are really looking for right now is concrete solutions, common sense plans, and we have all the tools we need to succeed not just next year or the year after but for decades to come. We are going to have to make some tough decisions that I am ready to make."

On Thursday, President Obama is expected to officially accept the Democratic's presidential nomination.

We have a team on the ground in Charlotte reporting from the Democratic National Convention.