Ocho the gentle giant, therapy dog passes away

Ocho with Action 4's morning show

Ocho, the gentle giant who always lent a helping paw to children, passed away from a heart attack.

The Irish Wolfhound TMs Facebook page said Ocho died from a heart attack Wednesday morning.

A statement on the page read:

As I now stroll across the Rainbow Bridge, I walk with pride. In my too-short life, I loved and was loved. What more could a hound ask for? I know more love is in the cards as I am greeted by my mom Miss Ginny and brother Gryff, and all the other hounds that have gone before me. Love lives forever. Do not grieve for me | just share the love.

Ocho was introduced to Action 4 viewers back in 2012 as the gentle giant who helped make therapy easier and more interactive for children with the Rio Grande Valley Therapy Pets.

He was born on February 1, 2010 and he was the last puppy in a litter of eight to be born, hence the name Ocho.

Ocho married Cloud, an Irish Wolfhound from Ireland at the Share the Love event to celebrate therapy dogs.