Off-duty BP agent rescues drowning boy

Joaquin Vazquez

U.S. Border Patrol agents spend weeks training for the job of securing our border.

Thanks to special training, one agent was able to use those skills to save a little boy's life, even while he was off the clock.

It was just another hot summer day that 3 1/2-year-old Joaquin Vazquez and his family spent at the community pool.

Until Joaquin TMs sister pulled him out of the pool-unresponsive.

Joaquin's cousin Arely Murillo says everything happened so fast.

"We got really nervous, we didn't know what to do," Murillo said.

Just in the nick of time, Border Patrol agent Carlos Cajelo arrived home from work.

"I arrived at my apartment and I noticed a commotion by the community pool so I went to check it out and I noticed a child on the floor, Cajelo said. He was trying to be resuscitated by his mom and I figured it was a drowning victim so I quickly assessed the scene."

While every Border Patrol agent is instructed in CPR, Cajelo was well prepared for the situation, having spent five years as an EMT firefighter.

"I performed two cycles of CPR. I gave him like 30 chest compressions and two rescue breaths and I did that two times before his pulse came back," Cajelo said.

"The doctor told us that if the agent didn't perform CPR on him, he would not have survived, or had serious brain damage, Murillo said. So we are really, really thankful."

While many may think kids only drown when they can't touch the bottom, it just isn't true.

It all happened in the shallow end of the pool, only 3 feet deep.

The near drowning was quite a scare, but Joaquin is ready to jump back in the water.

"He actually said I want to go back to the pool," Murillo said.

And he will get back in the pool, all thanks to agent Cajelo.