Off-duty deputy won TMt face charges for killing dog

Off-duty deputy wonâ??t face charges for killing dog

A Cameron County Sheriff Deputy won TMt face charges linked to the shooting death of a dog while off duty with his department issued service weapon.

It happened along the 1300 block of North Fannin in San Benito over the weekend.

The San Benito Police Department said a family TMs pitbull got loose while the off-duty deputy was walking his dog.

The man shot the dog dead after it allegedly bit him and tried to attack him again.

Sheriff Omar Lucio said he was made aware of the incident and called the shooting justifiable under state law.

San Benito police said no one has been cited.

The dog TMs owner, Charles Kattan, wants justice for his four-year-old pet named Sammy.

"Then he pulls out a gun, fires three rounds downward at my dog. Helpless dog. And besides my animal being lose what if there was a child close by?"