Off-duty firefighter tells story of elderly man TMs rescue

After a 24-hour shift, San Benito firefighter Joe Ramos made his way home.

When he saw smoke pouring from a Harlingen home, he didn TMt hesitate to respond.

Action 4 News had trouble getting Ramos to agree to an interview.

His only condition was we not call him a hero.

"Obviously, there was something wrong, said Ramos. So I ran over there and the lady kept saying he's still in there."

The woman told Ramos her elderly grandfather was stuck inside.

"You could hear moaning inside and so we kept calling to him to see if he could keep crawling or try to make it out the window or something, said Ramos. Then after a minute we didn't hear anything."

That's when Ramos turned around and saw Harlingen police officers.

Ramos recruited two of them to help.

Ramos said he and the police officers were able to pull the unconscious, elderly man through a house window to safety.

Ramos snapped pictures at the scene once he knew everyone was safe.

He said he has yet to talk to the man he rescued.

I went looking for him at the hospital because they transported me also for observation, said Ramos.

Ramos said he just wants to ask the man how he is feeling.

According to family, the elderly man continues to recover at the hospital.

According to the Harlingen Fire Department, the two police officers were released from the hospital.

They are said to be doing just fine.