Officer finds bag of marijuana next to sleeping baby

San Benito Police Department

A San Benito police officer arrested a man after a bag of marijuana was found next to his sleeping baby.

Antonio Morales was initially pulled over by police for a defective tail lamp.

As the officer approached his car, he noticed a lot of suspicious movement from inside the car.

When the officer asked why he was moving around so much, Morales said it was because he was playing with his 6-month-old baby.

However, the baby was asleep in the backseat.

Morales TM wife, who was the front seat passenger, was asked if there was anything illegal inside the car.

She told the officer that if there was ,she did not know about it.

After further inspection, the officer saw the bag of marijuana on top of the baby TMs teething toy near her arm in reach of the child.

Morales was taken into custody and transported to the city jail.

He was charged with Abandoning or Endangering a Child and Possession of Marijuana.

The 34-year-old was arraigned before Judge Garza.

Morales TM bond was set at $4,000.