Officer-involved shooting in Primera, suspect hospitalized

It was a domestic call to 911 that led police to a house on Spc. Eric Salinas Streeet in Primera.

According to police, a husband and wife were having an argument that escalated beyond verbal shouting.

Police arrived shortly the phone call and where informed that the man, Willard Hargrove, was armed with a couple of weapons.

"This morning my officer responded to disturbance in progress, said Primera Chief of Police Manuel Trevio the suspect had to weapons a rifle and a handgun"

According to Trevio, officers exchanged words ordering Hargrove to drop his weapon several times .

"The defendant refused to drop his weapon, said Trevio. He fired one round at my officer that time the officer."

A riffle and a handgun are the weapons that Hargrove had in his house.

He was transported to Valley Baptist where he is being treated to for two gunshot wounds on the top part of his leg.

According to Chief Trevio, domestic violence is on the rise.

"Don TMt stay quiet, said Trevio. I know it TMs hard to stay away sometimes, but you need to speak up and take a stand for yourself."

Neighbors told Action 4 News that Hargrove is a retired Harlingen firefighter and that Hargrove had heart surgery and was under medications.

Police are not sure if this had any effects on the incident.

Texas Rangers were at the scene collecting evidence throughout the day.

The suspect could be facing charges of aggravated assault on a police officer and family violence charges.