Officials launch fire prevention program

Investigators said they found several electrical and code violations throughout a home that caught fire off Filmore Avenue in Harlingen early Thursday morning.

"You see, you don TMt have much room between those two beds and then you have a walker there and some other stuff said San Benito Fire Marshal Henry Lopez. So actually it creates a problem because you have too much clutter".

Officials believe the fire started in the hallway near the bathroom.

Lopez said homes, especially older ones, may not be up to code.

That's why it TMs important to go through your house, checking for any electrical problems.

"If you plug in your appliance and it TMs loose, it could create a short said Henry Lopez. If you see a plug and it shows any black around it when you pull it out, then chances are there TMs a short there.

And don't forget to check your light switches.

Lopez said if you hear a crackling noise or see a flicker, it TMs time to switch it out.

In this case, Lopez said the family used a lot of appliances through extension cords.

Something he said is a bad idea.

The best thing you can do is buy a Surge Protector.

It has a circuit breaker in it, allowing any overloading to quickly shut off your appliances.

Lopez points out that extension cords are for temporary use and is not to be used for extended periods.

To help with this problem, it is now a law that all homes be built with plugs within six to eight feet of each other, allowing for several throughout the room.