Officials: Reynosa blockades cleared, one injured

Source: Twitter @cruzfashion

Tamaulipas officials have confirmed that at least one civilian was injured in a series of armed confrontations that left blockades throughout Reynosa.

Reynosa city officials reported several blockades throughout the city including two leading to the Pharr and Hidalgo International Bridges on Tuesday morning.

The city reported the blockades on its Twitter page on Tuesday morning but said they had been removed by early Tuesday afternoon.

The Tamaulipas Ministry of Public Safety (SSP) confirmed on Tuesday afternoon that the blockades were related to a series of armed shootouts between the Mexican army and armed civilians.

The SSP initially that one civilian was killed in a battle near Reynosa's airport but officials later said that person had only been injured.

Reynosa officials reported that blockades had been set up near the entrances to the Hidalgo and Pharr bridges as well as on the highway to Rio Bravo.

Both Twitter users and Reynosa city officials reported several other blockades on all major roads throughout the city.

Reynosa city officials had asked people to drive with caution or to avoid driving but gave an "all clear" message shortly after 12 p.m. Tuesday.

The blockades came in the middle of the busy "Semana Santa" or "Holy Week" when thousands of Mexican shoppers flood the Rio Grande Valley.

According to the U.S. Custom and Border Protection website, all bridges to Reynosa remain open to receive people from the Mexican side of the border.