Officials say education is key to Valley's economic progress

Turns out education is a major factor in creating jobs.

The lack thereof, could make it harder to bounce back from hard economic items.

According to University of Texas at Brownsville Business Professor Mostafa Malki, Cameron County is one of the poorest in the nation.

"Statistically our numbers don TMt look good comparing them to the country said Mostafa Malki, assistant professor.

And that has many concerned about the future of Cameron county.

As it stands right now, population growth is higher than employment growth.

With 25 percent of Brownsville residents having at best a 9th grade education, jobs may not be so easy to come by.

To help get residents on their feet and educated, Cameron County Workforces Solutions has started a new program.

"We can provide someone with getting a GED for example, or someone that has low literacy levels, we can also assist in that" said Juan Garcia with Cameron County Work Force Solutions.

Professor Malki is confident the Valley's economy will bounce back.

But it may take 10 years to do so.

"We didn TMt get to this level overnight, it will take time to get out of it, but our city is doing good things to help" said Malki.

Professor Malki said it's important that we be selective at what types of jobs we bring in.

He said jobs like textiles and certain manufacturing jobs could end up in Japan or China.