Officials to fully drain McAllen canal to search for drowning victim

Officials reported that they are fully draining a south McAllen canal to look for the body of missing teenager Andres Frias.

The decision comes one week after Frias went missing while swimming in the southern Hidalgo County canal.

Rescuers searched the waters of the canal but came up empty.

Family members have been camped out at the canal in hopes of finding his body.

Although water levels were lowered, the canal was never fully drained to allow officials to look in drainage pipe where most think Frias' body may be lodged.

Texas State Rep. Aaron Pea (R-Edinburg) met with family members on Friday afternoon.

The offices of U.S. Congressmen Henry Cuellar (D-Laredo) and Ruben Hinojosa (D-Mercedes) also become involved.

Work crews arrived at the canal on Friday afternoon while the search mission is expected to take place on Sunday.

The canal drainage is not expected to affect water service for the surrounding area.

Statement from family of Andres Frias:

We are very happy, because the new developments are giving us hope.

We are very thankful to everyone every one cooperating and involved trying recover my nephew.

I also want to thank the City of Pharr TMs Police and Fire Department for providing food and water for our family. Also providing, a portable toilet and lights last night along the canal.