Officials worry about social media fight trends

Superintendent Dr. Lisa Garcia said four girls are now in alternative school.

After four confirmed fights surfaced on several social media pages.

We were very disappointed with some of our student body that were more interested in seeing who could post it the quickest on social media outlets, Dr. Garcia said.

The fights happened in four different locations inside Port Isabel High and all at different times.

"We TMre seeing a new trend with new technologies."

Now the kids will embellish some of these fights because of Facebook and Twitter, that TMs something new that they want to do, post it on Facebook, with new technologies that TMs one of the trends that we are seeing now a days," Port Isabel ISD Police Chief Adrian Cabrera said.

One mother said she was so scared after receiving a call warning her about what had occurred inside her child's high school.

"There's so much anger and violence in people TMs hearts," Ericka Ruiz said.

The mother-- who does not own a car-- was so concerned, she walked an hour to get to the campus; to make sure her daughter was okay. "This generation kids are getting crazy and we are sending our kids to be killed at schools at the university at the schools and high schools."

Superintendent Garcia said although no one was injured it TMs a situation they don't want happening again.

Dr. Garcia said they TMve increased security and they want to send a strong message to students to stop this type of behavior.

Two parents have decided to file charges and another is pending.

The district is still investigating these fights and say those involved will be disciplined according to the student code of conduct.