Old man winter to make an early visit

A blast of winter is on tap for the beginning of the work week with showers and much colder temperatures moving in behind a cold front. The front should arrive in the lower valley in the overnight hours, nearing the coast by dawn. Winds will turn north at 15-20 mph, accompanied by colder air. This will keep our temperatures down across the entire region at around the 60 degree mark throughout the day. In addition, rain showers will persists through much of the day, and the chances will continue through at least Wednesday morning as a warm, moist air mass overrides the cold air mass at the surface, creatingcloudy skies and drizzly conditions. The cold air will remain settled through at least the end of the week with skies eventually clearing up by Wednesday afternoon. Highs in the 60 TMs, lows in the 30 TMs to 40 TMs by then.