Olmito teen arrested in Ranch Viejo arson case

Reynaldo Longoria Jr.

A Olmito teen is behind bars after being arrested in an arson case.

Rancho Viejo police arrested 18-year-old Reynaldo Longoria, Jr. on an arson charge on Tuesday.

Police told Action 4 News on Wednesday morning that the case remains under investigation but they could not comment further.

Longoria was booked into the Cameron County Jail but has not been arraigned.

Investigators said information would be released after Longoria's arraignment, which could take place on Thursday.

Records show that Longoria lives at 9056 Palmito Street in Olmito and that he did not appear to have a prior criminal record.

Jailers are keeping Longoria apart from inmate Paul Edward Curtis, who was arrested by Rancho Viejo on Tuesday under a failure to identify charge.

Records who that Curtis lives off 8334 East Lakeside Boulevard in Olmito and did not appear to have a prior criminal record.