One person airlifted, more than ten injured in accident

In the wake of recent tragedies that involved crashes from police pursuits, the Mission Interim Police Chief said his officer followed orders and eased up on the chase.

The officer discovered a 6-pack in the car along with about 15 undocumented immigrants after the chase ended.

The chase started on Expressway 83 near Conway and ended northwest of the location at Inspiration Road and 7 Mile Line.

Authorities said a supervisor told the pursing officer to give the suspect room.

Police said he was half a mile back when the suspect crashed into a truck at the intersection.

Two Chevrolet pick-up trucks collided after one of them failed to yield.

The officer said he didn't know the suspect had several people in the bed of the truck and crammed into the cab.

Several of those people were thrown from the vehicle and injured when the truck crashed.

One was airlifted to the hospital.

"We want to try to do the best to bring these people to justice at the same time we understand the parameters, we the police have the ultimate authority to continue or discontinue the pursuit," Mission Interim Chief Robert Dominguez said.

The suspect got away.

Police believe he is in his early 20's and was last seen wearing all black clothing.

He only speaks English.

Investigators found beer inside the truck leading them to believe the driver was driving drunk.

If you have any information on this case call Mission Crime Stoppers.