One year later: Hail damage still unrepaired

One year later: Hail damage still unrepaired

March 29 marks one year since the McAllen hail storm that caused more than $200 million worth of damage to homes and businesses across north McAllen.

But the havoc caused by the storm is far from over.

Hundreds of McAllen families are still waiting for the insurance money before they can fix their homes, some are still living in hotels, others living in the midst of the damage.

Enrique le la Mora is still waiting for the money from his insurance company to fix his home.

Mold on the ceilings and walls is growing each day, the guest bathroom unsuitable for guests.

"When it TMs not hot we keep the doors open to get the smell out," Enrique said.

Enrique remembers the night very well.

"Part of our roof was gone, water coming everywhere, collapsing, draining from the walls. There was water everywhere, Enrique said.

And it left a mark of more than $200,000 in damages.

But when the insurance adjuster handled Enrique TMs claim he was only offered about $40,000.

"They were saying ~oh, that's nothing, it's just paint. TM No, there is mold, you can smell how bad it is. It's a health risk, Enrique said.

With his 79-year-old mother's health at risk, Enrique paid a visit to the Michael Moore Law Firm, who over the past year has dealt almost exclusively with hail damage claims.

"People have nowhere else to go but fight the insurance company," Moore said.

Attorney Michael Moore says the insurance companies are required to pay out the full cost of making the repairs.

"The insurance company has to treat their insured with good faith and if they don't do that they are held responsible under Texas law, Moore said.

Sadly Enrique's situation is not unique.

Shortly after the storm Enrique says his neighbors who lived in these homes moved out. A year later, the damages have not been repaired and no one has moved back in.

More and more people are frustrated, turning to lawyers to get what they need to get life back to normal.

"The most important thing is getting their house fixed," Moore said.

If you haven't filed a claim or you weren't given enough money to fix the damage it TMs not too late.

You have up to two years from the event to file a lawsuit.