One year later, Tiffany Hartley back in the Valley, Falcon Lake

The tragic memories of that fateful September day in 2010 live on, far beyond the death of David Hartley.

"They say time heals but I haven't really found that, his wife Tiffany said. Some days are easier than others."

One year ago, alleged Zetas members ambushed the couple on the Mexican side of Falcon Lake, killing David, while Tiffany barely managed to escape to safety.

His death remains an open wound for Tiffany.

"We feel like it TMs hard for us to move on because we don TMt have David and because nobody's been found or prosecuted," she said.

Tiffany said it has been a hard year for her family, but they continue seeking answers, and ultimately justice.

She cites the work the U.S. government has done to solve the murder of ICE Special Agent Jaime Zapata.

"They went in and he was able to come home but they also were able to find the people who did it, she said. Why not give us that courtesy?"

David TMs mother, Pam, also remains hopeful.

"David will come home, she said. I believe that, and I believe eventually our government will help us."

Tiffany claims her husband's death has taken new meaning over the past year, especially with rising violence along the border.

"There TMs not one person along this border that has probably not been affected and I want them to know that I am doing the best I can to be their voice."

They are still hopeful they will be able to recover David TMs remains from the murky waters of Falcon Lake.

"Pam and I actually went back on Saturday," Tiffany added.

Before leaving the Valley, she said she plans on going back to the lake once more, though she admits it is hard for her to leave.

"When I left Falcon Lake, it feels like I'm leaving him all over again."

The investigation into David Hartley's death remains rather cold.

Tiffany has filed three federal lawsuits against the FBI and other federal groups to get more details about the investigation, and to pressure them to keep pushing forward in the case.