'Only in the Valley' art exhibit in Edinburg

It's unlike any another, a special art exhibit is on display over in Edinburg and it's all about the Rio Grande Valley.

This local humor is creating quite a buzz on facebook and other outlets.

Ramon Ramirez has been perfecting his craft for years.

He's an art teacher at Edinburg High School and a professional cartoonist.

Ramirez has created controversial sketches in the past and this time, he's taking a different approach.

"I decided to follow more humor than politics," Ramirez said.

That's when "Only In The Valley" was brought to life.

Ramirez started this project in January and already it's been quite a success.

Ramirez's art work is being displayed at the Dustin Michael Sekula Memorial Library over in Edinburg.

One sketch reads, "Only In The Valley" will you see one of your relatives sporting these kinds of sideburns.

"This has been a result in going to the local supermarket, the post office, the gas station, the people that you run into at the library, are very inspiring the way we dress the way we have our hair," Ramirez said.

The Valley native said you can't forget about the way we drive.

Ramirez points to one of his sketches and said, "Showing the Winter Texan with a sign that says what top sign, people who drive big trucks, the makeup driving, also showing somebody that likes to speed a lot.."

It's not just cartoon sketches; Ramirez has also created colorful paintings like valley lemons.

For art student Ryan Cruz, his teachers work is inspiring.

"It's great, it's amazing," Cruz toldAction 4 News.

Ramirez's projects have gained the attention far beyond the valley, including Hollywood and Hong Kong.

For this artist, the sky's the limit.

"Something that's very fun about being a cartoonist, positive direction," Ramirez said.

By the way Ramirez's Only in the Valley cartoon exhibit will be on display at the library until June 11th.