Operation Lone Star offers free health screenings

Free health screenings

Need to take a trip to the dentist or an eye doctor but don't have insurance?

You're in luck; Operation Lone Star is in Hidalgo County from July 29 to Aug. 2 offering free health services to anyone who needs them.

Hundreds of families across Hidalgo County are making their way to PSJA High School and Palmview High School to receive the free health screenings.

4-year-old Natalie Garza needs a new pair of glasses after her TMs broke.

"I have to sit close to the TV, Natalie said.

While her parents may not have insurance, Natalie and other kids like her can come to Operation Lone Star and pick out a brand new pair of glasses for free.

"We have designer glasses, the same ones you would find at your chain stores, we also have a crew on site that provides those glasses in typically a half-hour wait, said Remote Area Medical (RAM) operations manager Chris Hall.

If your tooth aches, military dentists, Baylor dental students and other local volunteers are here to help ease the pain.

"We do fillings, cleaning and extractions, we do oral cancer check and take care of the aggravating tooth if they have one, RAM Director Ron Brewer said.

"The whole purpose of us for being here is to stop needless pain and suffering so we are here to take away and fill hurting teeth, fix eye glass problems and treat them with glasses," Hall said.

Not only is the four day operation helping the uninsured or underinsured, but helping community leaders prepare for disaster.

"We are the ones providing the logistics and making sure everything is run smoothly in case of an emergency. This is the real life drill in case we have a real life emergency in case we need to give out mass medical services to the area, PSJA spokesperson Arianna Vasquez-Hernandez said.

Operation Lone Star will be at both high schools from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. through Thursday and through 2 p.m. Friday.

Other medical screenings include immunizations, student physicals and hearing exams.

Dental exams are only available at PSJA.

Patients however cannot receive dental and eye exams on the same day.