Operation 'Pay Up: 2' cracks down on child support evaders

Sheriff's Department cracks down on child support evaders

Cameron County is cracking down on "dead beat dads." The Attorney General and Sheriff's office are working side-by-side to round up those who have fallen behind on child support payments.

Operation ~Pay Up: 2 TM started early Monday morning around 4:30. Cameron County sheriff's deputies, along with the attorney general's office, and local law enforcement were able to arrest 38 parents who were delinquent on child support payments.

According to Sheriff Omar Lucio, they were in search of about 69 people, who had been previously notified that they had skipped out or fallen behind on the monthly payments.

Action 4 News went along with deputies as they made contact with several of these parents.

One non-custodial parent owes as much as $75,000.

"They need to be aware that these are their kids, their children and that they need to look after [them] and help out with the everyday expenses of these children, Sheriff Lucio said.

According to the lieutenant in charge of the operation, those 69 people they were looking for owe about $1.3 million in back child support combined.

The total amount of money owed by these 38 who were actually taken into custody comes out to over $650,000.

Similar operations were also done in Starr and Hidalgo Counties this week. Sheriff Lucio said if someone is behind on child support and needs to make arrangements, they should contact his office or the office of the attorney general.