Organic Farming Grows in the Valley

Whether you have a green thumb or not, doing your own organic farming might be just the thing for you.

If gardening is your hobby or you just want to know what you are eating by growing it yourself and saving money at the same time, there is a brand new project in Harlingen called the Hope Community Garden, a non profit.

Organizer Diana Padilla wants to teach anyone who will listen, how to grow their own produce.

"What we have done here, we'll show people how to do it, so that they can do it in their homes as well," said Padilla.

With so many turning to the Food Bank of the RGV to feed their family, the need is there.

Idalia Vasqez runs a distribution center in Harlingen for local pantries, making it easier for them to handout fresh food on a weekly basis.

One out of every two kids in Brownsville go to bed hungry, according to the Food Bank.

"They're very happy for us to come here instead of them driving all the way to McAllen they're just grateful," said Vasqez.

"Its also a very low income area so people use it as well I don't have enough money to eat vegetables. Well yeah, you can grow it," said Padilla.

The investment per month for those who get their hands dirty in one of the fifty plots is right around 20 bucks plus irrigation costs.

Gobbling up organic food that's good for your health: priceless.

Padilla and her husband already sell their produce at local farmer's markets.

"If we grew it here in the Valley and sold it locally, you can buy it weekly, fresh, cheaper and we also create jobs," said Padilla.

Membership fees and sponsors will fund the project, taking action for the community.

The Texas Chef's Association will be serving up five course meals to help pay for equipment and supplies.

Saturday, March 10th

5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Yahweh's All Natural Farm

19741 Morris Rd.


Tickets are $100

For more information head to or call Diana Padilla at (956) 412-4916.