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      Organization rallies local police chiefs on Immigration Reform

      La Union Del Pueblo Entero, also known as L.U.P.E., is reaching out to local police chiefs to impact immigration reform.

      Alton Police Chief Victor Rodriguez and McAllen Police Chief Victor Rodriguez signed a letter L.U.P.E. is circulating in the Valley that lists issues to address on immigration reform.

      The letter will eventually be sent to Texas Senator John Cornyn.

      He is part of the Judiciary Committee, The Judiciary Committee is going to deal with the proposal of immigration reform, L.U.P.E. representative Martha Sanchez said. They're going to be looking at this bill so he's a very important person."

      People like Angeles Rodriguez, who is undocumented, hopes more police chiefs in the area sign the letter.

      "I'm not from here. I don't have social security and it's really tough because I really want to make something of myself," Rodriguez said.

      Rodriguez recently graduated high school, but can TMt find a job.

      "We've always been sort of poor because of our situation and we want to have our own business and just like grow," Rodriguez said.

      The letter asks legislators to allow local law enforcement to focus on criminal activities rather than on enforcing civil violations of federal law.

      Other issues listed include creating a process for undocumented families to apply for residency and establishing a worker program that addresses the future flow of immigrant workers.