Over 1,000 pounds of marijuana found in load of pickles

Affidavit for James Pyron

A man was caught at the Falfurrias Border Patrol Checkpoint trying to smuggle over 1,000 pounds of marijuana in a tractor trailer.

Accoding to Border Patrol, James Bruce Pyron Jr. said he was hauling a load of pickles from McAllen to North Carolina.

Agents became suspicious when they noticed a major gap in between the time he said he went to the McAllen produce company and the time he was at the checkpoint.

Pyron told agents he had taken a long break between the time the company loaded his trailer and the time he decided to travel.

While Pyron was being questioned, a service canine alerted agents to the back of the trailer.

Pyron said the company put a bolt seal on the back of the trailer, but agents sent the trailer to a secondary inspection.

During the inspection, agents found the 49 bundles mixed with the load of produce.

Agents contacted the produce company and determined that it was a legitimate load.

The company also said they do not put locked steals on the trailers.

When questioned by investigators, Pyron admitted to knowing he was transporting something illegal and said he was going to be paid $7,000 to take the drugs to Houston before taking the produce to North Carolina.

Pyron said he met with a man in the McAllen/Pharr area to give him the trailer.

Several hours later the man returned with the trailer and directed him where to go.

Pyron was taken to the Coastal Bend Detnention Center in Robstown for further judicial proceedings.

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