Over 60 people found inside immigrant stash house

Mission stash house

Over 60 undocumented immigrants are in federal custody after being caught this afternoon by Border Patrol agents

The 63 immigrants were detained just north of Mission. The stash house was found by local and federal authorities working together on Taylor and 6 Mile Line.

Border Patrol said an investigation from a previous smuggling case lead them to this bust.

San Juan police assisted the agents around noon when they found the immigrants packed inside a house.

Two of the people detained are persons of interest, meaning they could be smugglers themselves. Authorities the condition of the stash house was better than most stash houses, which could be an indicator that the group had not been in hiding for long. One person showed signs of dehydration and was taken to a local hospital.

"Leveraging resources off each other, this is a good way of the local authorities leveraging off the feds and the feds leveraging off the locals and sharing that information which is important to securing a community and our country," Henry Mendiola said. Border Patrol said the area has seen stash house activity in the past.

If you think a home is being used to stash immigrants, call Border Patrol at 800-863-9382.