Overdose blamed in man's death north of Weslaco

Authorities believe a drug overdose is to blame for a man's Saturday night death north of Weslaco.

It all happened off Mile 10 North and Mile 4 1/2 West around 8 p.m. Saturday.

Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office deputies reported that 28-year-old Jose Rivera died in the incident.

Deputies were called to the area for a burglary in progress.

A woman driving nearby told deputies she had to swerve to avoid hitting Rivera.

She spoke with him and he allegedly told her that he needed help and that someone was trying to kill him.

Rivera allegedly said something that was after him was under her car.

The woman thought Rivera was on drugs and drove away but watched him collapse and called 911.

Neighbors from down the street said Rivera foreced himself into their home but nothing was missing.

Rivera allegedly broke a stain glass door to get inside and broke a window to get out.

Deputies reported that Rivera had cuts and bruises from the incident.

Paramedics rushed Rivera to the Knapp Medical Center where doctors learned he had cocaine and amphetamines in his system.

An autopsy has been ordered but preliminary results lead investigators to believe Rivera died from a overdose.

Court records show Rivera lived nearby the scene of the crime and only had one prior arrest for a DWI in the Corpus Christi area back in April 2005.