Overflowing Drainage ditches flood neighborhood

Drainage flooding at Arroyo Estates subdivison in San Benito

Heavy rains continue across portions of the Rio Grande Valley with some areas that were hit harder than others.

Monday morning, people living in the Arroyo Estates subdivison in San Benito woke up to overflowing drainages, but said it could be worse.

"During hurricane season, the streets here look like the streets of Venice, you can use a boat in the middle of the street instead of a car because the streets fill up with water from side to side," one neighbor told Action 4.

That TMs what the county wants to avoid.

Cameron County knows it can be a problem.

"We've seen this going on for some years and even though there TMs some drainage projects done, we can not get all the water out from everywhere. So these are some of the concerns," said Cameron County Emergency Manager Humberto Barrera.

Barrera told Action 4 different things can cause the drainage system to back up.

Things like illegal dumping.

Cameron County officials told Action 4 News a big contributing factor to all this water is illegal dumping, but neighbors in the subdivision are telling a different story.

"Throughout the year we do tell people to be vigilant to see if they see anybody dumping or illegally dumping trash into the drainage canals and this is one of those reasons why. When you see backups like this happen after improvements have been made, a lot of times it signifies or alerts us that something is backed up somewhere," said Barrera

This man has lived here for 12 years and isn't buying it.

He agreed that trash filled ditches are a problem, but said it TMs not the reason behind the flooding.

"The biggest reason is there TMs a field off Williams Road and the water comes down here," he said.

He wants to see a new drainage system put in place because this one just isn't getting the job done.