Overgrown Grass Attracting Creepy Crawlers

Flora Mireles has lived at this home on Reina Esther Street in Brownsville for over 32 years. But it wasn't until about a year ago, that an unsightly problem began growing just feet from her back yard.

"I TMm tired of asking, and asking for someone to come cut this grass and them just telling me tomorrow, or the next day or in 5 days - and nothing ever gets done," Mireles said.

Mireles said a lot behind her home has been unkempt for months.

Her husband has to go out of his way to cut the grass behind their home just a couple of feet further, she said, since the overgrown grass and brush is now attracting creepy crawlers that go into her porch and sometimes even her home.

"There's mosquitoes, there's snakes, there's possums and it's just not safe for my grandkids and the other children that live here," Mireles said. Action 4 News contacted City Health Director Art Rodriguez about the issue.

He said the city has been looking into the issue for the past month, however, the federal government seized that property and the city cannot mow it without approval.

Rodriguez could not comment on why or from who the property was taken. Mireles said she's already been told about this, but she said it's a bad excuse.

She adds that as a tax payer, he just wants to keep her home safe and rodent free. "We try to keep this area clean and that's why we demand they do something, Mireles said.

It's not like we have a mess and expect them to clean after us - we keep our home clean so we just want them to do the same."

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