Overgrown grass on Palmview levee

Grass towers over Israel De Los Santos as he walked through the brush to show our camera just how overgrown the levee behind his home is. It has gotten to a point where it's out of hand." Israel said it has not always been like that. He said he could remember a time when he and his brother would play on the levee and even jump into the canal behind it. But, today, he would not give it a second thought.

"We've been having problems with snakes, opossums, ants, spiders and bees," said De Los Santos.

But that is not all Israel worries about. "You got the dry season coming up and what are the odds of this catching on fire?" asked De Los Santos.

Action 4 News contacted the city of Palmview and Precinct three to see if we could get answers.

The City said the levee does not belong to them and precinct three even sent a person out to check out the situation. But they said the levee does not belong to them either.

The fault, they said, lies with Water District Number 1.

Action 4 News put in a call to the District to see if they would be clearing out the levee anytime soon and they have yet to return our phone calls.

They don TMt care about it, said De Los Santos.

For now, Israel and his family will spend their hard earned money to clear out some of the levee, hoping this situation is resolved soon.