Overnight fire at Harlingen Landfill destroys building

Fire reported at the Harlingen Landfill

A trash fire continues to burn inside the former Harlingen Landfille where it is expected to cause trash service delays.

Harlingen residents can expect delays in their trash pick up for the next few days, or possibly weeks.

Crews are trying to get to homes on their scheduled days but it may be hours past the usual pick up time.

City officials said there is no where for the trash trucks to drop off solid waste in Harlingen and they will have to make the trip all the way to the Edinburg landfill to dump there.

Fire crews responded to the fire sometime after 11 p.m. Wednesday and continued fighting the blaze through Thursday afternoon.

Harlingen Fire Chief Rogelio Rubio said not unclear what may have caused a holding container to go up in f lames, but he expects his firefighters to be out there all day fighting this fire.

"The major factor, of couse, is the wind," Chief Rubio said. "The way the building is still structured, it could become a collapse zone for us. So, we need to be careful working around the perimeter of the walls that are still standing."

Harlingen spokesman Dave Ralph says the city engineer is on site trying to evaluate the damage to the container to determine if it can be used to hold trash or not.

If the base of the structure is damaged, the city will have to order a new one and that could mean trash service delays for even a longer period for Harlingen residents

City officials are asking Harlingen residents to be patient.

There will be trash pick up but it will be delayed.

Anyone with questions or concerns about pick up can call the Harlingen Public Works at (956) 216-5300.