Owner of Miguel Laundry Apartments must pay for roach clean-up

Tenants living at Miguel Laundry Apartments say they have repeatedly complained about the roach infestation to Liz Everett, their landlord.

But after unanswered pleas, they turned to Action 4 News for help.

"I'm very grateful, said Esmerelda Barrera. My family and my neighbors are very grateful. Without Action 4 News who would hear us? I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Esmerelda Barrera lives on a fixed income.

She says she tries to keep a clean apartment, but the roaches have invaded it.

With four children exposed to health hazards from roach parts and droppings we contacted the health department.

Only our cameras were rolling when they arrived to inspect the infested building.

These are not conditions that people should be living on a daily basis, said Brownsville Public Health Director Arturo Rodriguez.

Rodriguez brought building inspectors along since infestations cause other material damage to properties.

Brownsville Police were also on hand to file reports against the landlord.

Now the Department of Public Health plans to put pressure on the owner of the nine unit apartment building.

We'll follow up with some documents to summon the owner to court. Said Rodriguez.

The city intends to have Liz Everett pay for the clean-up and pest control costs.

Esmerelda says even though they've complained to the landlord for several months about the problems this is the first time they are getting answers.

Inspectors plan to check the building over the next few days to determine if the roaches are in the entire building or just some units.

They plan on hand delivering and mailing notices to property owner Liz Everett to clean up.

She will have 24 hours to respond.