Pack of dogs terrify runaway horse

Horse euthanized

A horse was euthanized following a dramatic accident in Harlingen.

It happened Wednesday just before 8 p.m. off Highway 77 near Wilson Road.

Investigators said a rapid chain of events ended in the horse TMs death.

According to the horse TMs owner, Cesar Chavez, a pack of dogs spooked his horse Lucy.

Detectives said Lucy bucked off Chavez before making it to the busy roadway.

Lucy was then hit by a car causing a chain reaction involving three other cars.

Authorities shut down the southbound lanes of the highway while they cleared the wreck.

Paramedics rushed two people to the hospital with minor injuries

Police said the horse belonged to Cesar Chavez who lives in the nearby Las Palmas neighborhood.

Harlingen police said the horse was put down because it had trouble standing up.

As of Thursday, no citations were issued.