Paid parking on South Padre Island?

The signs are posted all along South Padre Island.

So are the restrictions.

A headache for visitors and residents alike, the city of South Padre thinks they have a solution to the parking issue along the beach.

"We TMre right now only exploring paid parking for the beach cul-de-sacs and along Gulf Boulevard," said City Manager Jonie Clark.

Paid parking is a relatively new idea in Texas.

So far only Galveston Beach is on board.

South Padre could soon be next.

"We want to be sure that everybody that comes to visit the island has a positive experience, and parking is going to be a challenge, especially during those peak periods, said Clark.

Clark said the city feels the paid parking solution would also ease traffic safety concerns.

They said any money from a paid parking system along the beach would go back to the community, paying for enhancements like handicap accessible walkways leading to the beach.

But some residents fear the city will not be taking their fair share of the revenue. "The way it TMs set up, almost all of the revenue from the parking will end up going to the private contractor, said Rob Nixon of the Surfrider Foundation.

Nixon said he's also concerned that such a move would discourage valley residents from visiting the island.

He said it could hurt local businesses.

"They feel that this is going to hurt tourism, said Nixon.

But the city countered that nothing is set in stone.

They said there are other issues that need to be addressed before implementing a paid parking system.

"We are concerned about the workload impact, especially the municipal court and the nature of the tickets, said Clark.

The city added it is open to other ideas to make future trips the trips to beach less congested.