Palmview High School teen stabbing suspect goes before judge

A Palmview teen accused of stabbing another student remains in custody, and was ordered to be held by a juvenile judge after appearing in court. Judge Jessie Contreras asked the teens parents tough questions because of their lack of knowledge on their son's grades and what he does after school. They had no idea he recently joined a gang, which could be the cause of the fight.

The 15-year-old was shackled as he went before Judge Contreras in the 449th District Court this morning. He admitted to stabbing another student yesterday at Palmview High School during lunch time. The stabbing caused the school to go into lockdown for an hour. His attorney said he is in AP course and holds a "B" average. He also has a clean record, but he admitted to recently jumped into a gang known as ~mi vida loca, TM also known as ~MVL TM. Judge Contreras said he worries when he sees cases where parents don't know the details of their children TMs lives.

"All they could say to me was yes he was doing good, but when I asked for specifics questions they couldn TMt answer me and finally I got the truth out of them that they really had no knowledge at all." The teen told the court a group of students were threatening him which he reported to school officials. But when they approached him in the hallway he pulled out the knife as self-defense.

La Joya ISD police Chief Raul Gonzalez said officers continued to interview witnesses on Friday, May 23, 2014.

They are reviewing cell phone video of the incident. The 15-year-old suspect will be back in court on June 5th to check the status on a drug test and psychological evaluation which were ordered.