Palmview home invasion suspects identified

Jaime Arturo Santana-Vasquez

Authorities have released the identities of three men charged with a home invasion where an 11-year-old boy was shot defending his mother.

The three men accused in the early Friday morning home invasion off Minnesota Road and 8 Mile Line.

The suspects have been have been identified as:

  • Jaime Arturo Santana-Vasquez, 34
  • Fernando Guerrero-Padilla, 41
  • Jose Luis Ortega, 26

Hidalgo County Sheriff TMs Office deputies reported that both Santana-Vasquez and Guerrero-Padilla are illegal immigrants.

The two were arrested near the scene of the crime and were arraigned under aggravated robbery charges where they each received $750,000 dollars in bonds.

Investigators reported that Ortega was shot in the neck by an 11-year-old boy who was also shot while defending his mother.

Deputies said the boy was released from the hospital over the weekend while Ortega remains in a coma at the Brooks Medical Center in San Antonio

Authorities are working to identify other suspects in the case but said Ortega would be charged with attempted murder and aggravated robbery charges once he regains consciousness.

The McAllen Monitor reported that the bullet that entered boy's groin remains in his right leg.

We just don TMt know if there TMs any damages that were done to the groin area until swelling is down, the boy's mother told The Monitor.

The family told The Monitor that they are staying with relatives but they fear retaliation.

We TMre just traumatized, the mother told The Monitor. We can TMt even close our eyes. We TMre just having flashbacks and everything.