Palmview murder being labeled as "spillover violence" from Mexico

      Meth seized as evidence

      Authorities are labeling a drug-related murder north of Palmview as "spillover violence" from Mexico.

      Hidalgo County Sheriff's deputies arrested three men in connection to a Friday morning murder north of Palmview.

      Sheriff Lupe Trevio said 22-year-old Marco Antonio Reyes-Moreno was found shot to death inside an SUV off Doffing Road and Mile 3 North.

      An investigation lead to three arrests:

      Juan Carlos Gonzalez-Morin, 19 Vincent Espinoza-Fabian, 21 Victor Marin-Cruz, 22

      Both Gonzalez-Morin and Espinoza-Fabian are facing first-degree felony murder charges while Marin-Cruz is facing tampering with evidence and possessin of a controlled substance charge.

      Deputies reported that Marin-Cruz had about 4.4 pounds of methamphetamines on him.

      Sheriff Trevio said there is enough evidence to label the drug-related murder as an act of "spillover violence" from Mexico.

      The three suspects faced a judge at the Hidalgo County Jail on Monday morning.

      Both Gonzalez-Morin and Espinoza-Fabian received $1 million dollar bonds while Marin-Cruz received $700,000 dollars in bonds.