Palmview police arrest 3 men during game room raid

Investigators raided a game room Friday night in Palmview. (Photo courtesy of the Palmview Police Department.)

Investigators raided an eight-liner establishment Friday in western Hidalgo County.

Officers conducted a traffic stop near the eight-liner establishment on Friday night, according to information released by the Palmview Police Department. The motorist provided information about gambling at an eight-liner establishment on the 1600 block of North La Homa Road.

Officers raided the eight-liner establishment and arrested three people:

  1. Hugo Dagoberto Regalado Jr.
  2. Oxmar del Toro
  3. Eric Ortiz

All three men were arrested on suspicion of keeping a gambling place, a Class A misdemeanor; gambling promotion, a Class A misdemeanor; and possession of gambling equipment, a Class A misdemeanor.

They remain in police custody and couldn't be reached for comment Saturday.

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