Palmview starts Valley-wide warrant roundup, hoping to collect 1 million dollars in fines

Palmview starts Valley-wide warrant roundup

Palmview has doubled in size of the past few years.

Now they have to find ways to accommodate a growing population and keep them safe.

The city is counting on that money for expansion purposes, Lieutenant Saul Uvalle said. We are in the process of extending our jurisdiction---so every bit counts."

But in a cash-strapped economy growing can be difficult.

"We are needing this money to provide these types of services that come with growing, Uvalle said. Lighting, paving of streets, and all of that that comes with it."

That is where the warrant roundup comes in.

Over the years Palmview police estimate about $1-million dollars in simple traffic fines have been given out.

They told Action 4 News that those fines remain unpaid to this day.

"We are making every effort to collect. Every bit counts."

Those efforts include five officers dedicated to patrolling the streets of the Rio Grande Valley in search of those who owe money.

Uvalle said they are taking every measure to make sure these fines get paid.

He said, in the end, it could end up costing a person more than what the fine is actually worth.

"If you get pulled over your vehicle will be impounded, Uvalle explained. Avoid the embarrassment of being arrested at your workplace. We will go out there and handcuff you."

To pay a fine go to the Palmview Municipal Court between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m."Monday to Friday.

If a person goes in to pay the fine"they will not be arrested, Uvalle said.

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