Palmview student turns life around, bright future ahead

Roman Espinoza has molded his life just like the piece of metal he works on everyday.

It TMs a career I like to do and want to do, Espinoza told Action 4 News about his dreams of becoming a welder.

Espinoza grew up in rural Palmview and said he started off on the wrong path early in life.

My freshman and sophomore year were terrible, Espinoza explained. They were the worst times of my life. I didn TMt care about school"I was also getting suspended or referrals."

He did not see much in his future.

But during his junior year something changed.

Being in this class has helped me a lot, Espinoza said. It takes a lot of time|so the time I could be doing bad things I TMm working on things for welding. I TMm also involved and FFA, I have an animal, and I TMm involved in carpentry.

Espinoza is now full of hope for a future filled with opportunity.

In the future I want to be a welder," Espinoza said. "There are a lot of job opportunities out there for welders.

In just a few short months Espinoza will graduate from Palmview High school.

For a kid who used to be terrified of graduation, he is not ready to take on the world one weld at a time.

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