Palmview under investigation for possible misuse of city credit card

The Hidalgo County Sheriff TMs Department is investigating Palmview for alleged misuse of the city credit card.

Maria, who does not want to be identified for fear of losing her job, said she has records that prove city officials have been misusing the card for years.

She showed our Action 4 News cameras copies of credit card statements and pointed out some purchases, she claimed, are for personal use.

They have movie tickets, Academy, and Six Flags, said Maria.

She said when she brought the information to authorities, four years ago, nothing was ever done. Despite what she called excessive spending.

They have Disney reservations on here, said Maria. I guess someone took a trip to Disney.

Maria said most of the charges appear to be for personal use.

Chief Christopher Barrera disagrees and said he and his department did their own investigation.

He said they went back seven years and never found anything that would show purchases were made for personal use.

No|nothing, said Barrera at a Monday afternoon press conference.

But the Hidalgo County Sheriff TMs Office is investigating these claims"combing through years of documents.

This after someone, not Maria, complained to the department about the alleged misuse of funds.

Barrera said these claims are baseless and were brought forth by candidates who lost the May 2010 election. When the investigation first started we found no merit in it so we didn TMt feel there was reason to advise anyone of it, said Chief Barrera. There was never any wrongdoing committed.

Barrera said Palmview only has one credit card, but anyone who works there is allowed to use the card. Despite that"he maintains that the card was never used for personal use.

Action 4 News is told that the City is cooperating with investigators---giving them any documents they might need.

Barrera also told us that Palmview had two audits completed in the last year---he said those audits prove there is no misuse of funds.