Panama Unit suspect asks to travel for Mother's Day, son's birthday

McAllen's federal courthouse // File Photo

A suspect out on bond for his role in the Panama Unit scandal has asked a federal judge for permission to travel for Mother's Day and his son's birthday.

Salvador Joel Arguello is out on bond under several restrictions but is asking for permission to attend both events in Corpus Christi.

Originally out on a $100,000 bond with house arrest, the former deputy was previously granted permission to take a job as a truck driver.

U.S. District Court Judge Randy Crane granted Arguello permission to take a job delivering oil products between New Mexico and Corpus Christi.

But Arguello now wants permission to attend a Mother's Day celebration and his son's birthday in Corpus Christi this weekend.

Federal court records show that Judge Crane has not made a decision but prosecutors do not oppose it.

The trial for Arguello and other defendants in the Panama Unit scandal has been pushed back to June 4th.

Three drug traffickers, Arguello and eight other law enforcement officials, including the son of Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevio, are accused in the corruption scandal.