Paper trail leads McAllen police to purse thief

Jasmine Rodriguez told Action 4 News she was about to clock out after a long day at work when a man walked in and asked for an application."I handed him the application and then walked to the back to clock out," Rodriguez said.In the five minutes that Jasmine was gone the man, later identified as Alfredo Acevedo, Jr. took the time to scout out the area.Surveillance video showed Acevedo as he walked around the counter and grabbed a few mints and then walk out of frame.A few seconds later he walks back in and attempts to use a key card to open the cash register. When that does not work he walks away.He came back one final time, opened the cabinet, and stole Jasmine TMs purse. "I came back five minutes later to clock out and looked in the cabinet for my purse, it was gone." And so was Acevedo. "I reviewed the tapes with one of my managers and then I called the cops, Rodriguez explained. I wanted to see who took my purse." While Acevedo might have gotten away with Jasmine TMs purse"he did leave behind some important information"his application. "He handed in the application after he took my purse, Rodriguez said. He took it and then handed the application to one of the employees." McAllen Police were able to locate Acevedo at his home and arrest him for theft."He was very dumb, Rodriguez laughed. He put all of his information on there. Who would do that? That's just a dumb criminal right there."While she might have lost 80 dollars"Rodriguez said she learned something valuable from the incident---never leave valuable items here anyone can get their hands on them. Acevedo was charged with theft and his bond was set at $2,000.